Welcome to Healthy Paw Rehab!

At Healthy Paw Rehab we believe in working with you and your veterinarian in order to provide your pet with the best possible care for their specific need. During your appointment, you and your pet will receive individual attention with our certified canine rehabilitation technician; the only rehab practitioner in San Diego certified by both U.S. schools.

We provide our services in a positive, rewarding manner, following Fear Free Techniques in order to make your pet comfortable and excited about their care. As part of this service, we encourage you to take active participation: offering treats and learning some of the exercises that you may perform at home. By actively participating you create a stronger bond with your pet and it allows you to see their improvement and progression towards recovery.

We provide rehabilitation and strengthening for many surgical procedures, neurological conditions, geriatric patients, osteoarthritis, weight loss, general training and more. We are also here to provide you and your family support during your time of need. We understand how scary it is to have an injured or ill pet, and we’re here to help explain things in simple terms and assist you in their care.

Healthy Paw Rehab is under the supervision of Eastridge Animal Hospital and The Little Cat Clinic. The latter hospital gives us a unique ability to treat your pet cat too. At this time, there is no certification for feline rehabilitation, however our supervising veterinarian is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the hospital is undergoing certification as a Cat Friendly Practice. These two qualities give us unique knowledge about your cat that is not offered by any other pet rehabilitation facility in the county.

We are centrally located in La Mesa, near several freeway off-ramps. We will see your pet by appointment only and they must be referred by your veterinarian. Please call us so we can help you with the referral.

What to expect during the first consultation:

  • You complete the client information form

  • Your pet is examined by one of our staff doctors (included in consult fee)

  • Our staff doctor and certified rehab technician develops your pet's rehab program

  • The certified rehab practitioner performs the modalities in pet's individualized program (which may include introduction to the Underwater Treadmill)*

  • You are taught your pet's home exercise program

If you would like more information, please e-mail us at: info@HealthyPawRehab.com

*While we understand everyone’s excitement with the Underwater Treadmill, please understand for your pet’s best care and safety, they may need to build strength before entering the treadmill. Our goal is to make your pet healthy again.