Welcome to Healthy Paw Rehab Center

At Healthy Paw Rehab we believe in working with you and your veterinarian in order to provide your pet with the best possible care for their specific need. During your appointment, you and your pet will receive individual attention with our certified canine rehabilitation technician; the only rehab practitioner in San Diego certified by both U.S. schools.

We provide our services in a positive, rewarding manner, following Fear Free Techniques in order to make your pet comfortable and excited about their care. As part of this service, we encourage you to take active participation: offering treats and learning some of the exercises that you may perform at home. By actively participating you create a stronger bond with your pet and it allows you to see their improvement and progression towards recovery.

Pet Rehabilitation

Our pets are a part of our family, and every responsible owner wants to ensure that their pets are in the very best of health. We provide rehabilitation for many surgical recoveries, neurological conditions, geriatric patients, osteoarthritis, weight loss, general conditioning and more. We are also here to provide you and your family support through your time of need.


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